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10 Simple and Practical Steps to Follow When Making Diamond Purchases Online

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Today’s world has literally become a village as people from different countries are able to connect at the touch of a button. Similarly, buying and selling of goods and services have become more efficient and easier as a result of the internet.

Buying online gives you an opportunity to view and compare products at the comfort of your chair, making it incredibly convenient for you. In addition to that, you get to buy at a price suitable and affordable for you.

When it comes to diamonds, the same applies, and that is why we would like to help you finally get that ring you’ve been planning for. Below are 10 tips for buying a diamond online that are sure to help you navigate the crowded online marketplace.

  1. Do extensive research on possible sellers

Online purchases come with their own share of risks, however, it is prudent to do your bit so as to steer you away from possible fraudsters. Narrowing down your options can be made possible by picking out verified sellers from the crowd.

This can be achieved by checking the site’s Better Business Bureau accreditation as well as other certifications required for a legitimate diamond seller to run their business. What’s more, you will avoid staining your conscience with conflict diamonds, popularly known as blood diamonds.

Also, remember to settle on companies based within your country as those in other countries may not be subject to the regulations of your region. This, in turn, might make a following-up on a deal that has gone sour frustrating, to say the least.

  1. Go through the websites

Go through the catalogs of each of the accredited sites to compare the quality and price of the diamond. If you do not yet have a budget, you will benefit from truthful, free information on how much you may need to part with for a particular stone. On the other hand, a set budget will streamline your search closer to the kind of precious stone you are able to afford.

  1. Take time and educate yourself on diamonds

Knowledge is power, and finding out about the intrigues of the industry will certainly be of help in one way or the other. The first step is to know how to assess the quality of a diamond. This can easily be done by learning the fundamental attributes that affect the pricing of each stone. These characteristics are commonly referred to as the 4c’s and they include:

  • Color- This aspect is rated on a scale of D to Z, with the colorless diamond at the top and the most colored at the bottom.
  • Clarity- It refers to the number of flaws present in the diamond when viewed under magnification. The higher the number of inclusions, the lower the grade, whereas a lesser flawed piece receives a higher grade.
  • Cut- the ability to absorb and reflect light is what gives a diamond its sparkle, and this is made possible courtesy of the kind of cut it has. A better cut simply means more sparkle for you.
  • Carat- Last but certainly not least is the unit used to reveal just how heavy a diamond is.
  1. Find and verify the GIA report

GIA is short for Gemological Institute of America, a body charged with conducting quality checks on these admirable products from beneath the surface of the earth.

For each stone, an assessment report is available on the GIA website to confirm or dispute what the seller’s description of the stone is. This goes to show the kind of people you are dealing with.

  1. Counter-check the report number

Each diamond piece has its very own unique number that can be found on the GIA website. The specific number on the diamond you intend to buy should match the one on the Gemological website.

The number is laser inscribed on the stone’s girdle for security and traceability reasons and should be made available on or before purchase.

  1. Dig deeper to know if there are any hidden costs

Some dealers may choose to charge you separately for shipping and handling of a diamond bought. Therefore, it is important to verify such information before doing any transactions because you might end up spending more than you initially thought.

To avoid this, choose a dealer who has instead incorporated all these expenses in the cost of a stone, so you are able to do a stress-free transaction.

  1. Find out if the package is insured

To protect you from possible incidences that may arise during transit, ascertain that the company charged with the responsibility of making deliveries can insure the package.

An additional safety measure would be to settle for a company that requires your signature upon delivery.

  1. Read and understand the seller’s return policy

You can be able to get all the information you need regarding a products return policy on the website. Familiarize yourself with the policies and time frames that provide for a possible refund.

  1. Find out about payment methods

Different sites use varying transaction avenues depending on their preferences. Therefore, you need to know beforehand the method of payment a merchant uses so that your transactions are seamless.

You are encouraged to use a credit card to pay for your diamonds, as it will be easier to follow up on the company in case of fraud.

  1. Ask for a picture

To be certain that what you pay for is what you get, request a picture of the diamond you have selected so as to enable you to make comparisons when you receive your package. This will also go a great way in helping you lodge a complaint if you realize you have been short changed in any way.