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The Best Place To Buy An Engagement Ring, Diamonds & Jewelry Online

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Buying fine jewelry online is fun and it’s also a wonderful way to save money! If you’re in the market for fine jewelry, our guide will help you to find the best online retailer for engagement rings, diamonds and other types of jewelry.

We are diamond and jewelry experts and we know all of the most reputable retailers. We’re going to recommend one impressive option and then give you some other choices, too. A smart strategy is to compare prices and jewelry options at two or three respected online retailers before hitting the “buy” button. When you compare with care, you’ll be able to enjoy checking out some of the world’s most beautiful precious gemstones and fine jewelry designs. As well, you’ll be able to price certain diamonds and jewelry designs across a few online retailers.

When you do this, you’ll know where the best price is found and this will help you to shop with confidence! Without further ado, we’d like to share our top pick and a couple of other impressive choices.

Blue Nile is Number One

Blue Nile is very reputable and it’s the biggest online supplier of jewelry on the planet! The company is based in Seattle and it delivers for its many customers by offering a dizzying array of diamonds, engagement rings and other jewelry designs. Customer may choose from a host of elegant styles, from contemporary to traditional and beyond, and they also have the opportunity to design their own jewelry, by selecting their preferred gemstones, gemstone sizes, precious metals and setting styles.

Known for affordability, Blue Nile also has ethical business policies. For example, the company offers thirty-day returns and provides customers with diamonds that are conflict-free. As well, this online retailer offer diamond price matching, which is designed to ensure that customers get the lowest possible price for the diamonds that they purchase from Blue Nile.

In addition, this firm provides access to a diamond upgrade program. When you choose Blue Nile, your jewelry or diamond will come with a free lifetime warranty. Also, you’ll access secure shipping, gift packaging at no extra charge and the highest standards of customer support.

As you can see, this company has so much to offer. It’s a highly-rated online retailer and it’s bound to offer exactly what you want for a competitive price.

Of course, there are other choices. We’ve just cut to the chase by showing you the biggest online retailer. It’s successful for a reason.

Other Options to Consider

Budget-conscious shoppers may want to check out jewelry and diamonds at big box retailers online, such as Wal-Mart and Kohls. These types of chain stores offer deals online, although their fine jewelry won’t be as fine as jewelry from high-end online retailers.

If you want exquisite quality and jewelry (or diamonds) which classify as status symbols, you may want to skip Wal-Mart and Kohls and head for or Tiffany and Bulgari offer the types of designs that celebrities, CEOs and models wear. Their jewelry is art is it’s and crafted with painstaking attention to detail, from the finest materials.

Tiffany and Bulgari are out of reach to many. They are expensive and exclusive. However, one or the other may carry the diamond or jewelry design of your dreams…

Even if you can’t afford it, looking at it may give you welcome inspiration. You may be able to find cheaper versions of your favorite high-end style elsewhere (for example, at Blue Nile!).

For those who want excellent quality for mid-range prices, we think that Blue Nile is a smart choice. Another good mid-range option is James Allen, which offers mid-range and high-end engagement rings.

We hope that this guide will give you plenty to work with as you prepare to shop for diamonds or other types of jewelry online. If you’re shopping for engagement rings or other types of rings online, be sure to consult sizing charts before you order. Better online jewelers always provide these charts and using them will make it so easy for you to access perfect fit.

If you’ve been shying away from buying a ring online because you’re afraid of ordering the wrong size…don’t worry. Today’s online jewelers understand your concerns and they offer accurate sizing charts which make it easy to find what’s exactly right.

Now that you know where to shop, why not find an engagement ring, diamonds or other forms of jewelry online?